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The Benefits of Web Video

The top 5 reasons to incorporate video on your website

  • Boost sales and conversions: When visitors view video on your site, they stay longer, increase their interest in your business and are less likely to check out your competitors. Ask viewers to contact you, buy or download something and conversions from browser to buyer increase by an average of 15-40% – even up to 400%.
  • Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): Video on your site means higher rankings in search engine results, resulting in more visitors.
  • Drive more traffic to your website: People who are ready to buy search for businesses or products online. Because Google ranks video higher than text, your video can become the first point of contact with potential clients before they see your website...or your competitors. You present what they need to know to build credibility and trust, position yourself as the expert, and link back to your website. And if they like you and what you say, they may not even feel the need to compare you or keep looking.
  • Increase engagement: Video lets you communicate your core message, showcase your brand personality and describe your products or services. Video connects with your potential customers in an engaging, visually stimulating way, and will turn a dull subject into something memorable.
  • Take advantage of social media: When friends and followers share and publish your video through their social media networks, it opens up a whole world of new clients.

Websites are an important tool for attracting customers and it’s now become essential to also have video on your website. Online video allows you to connect personally with your potential customers. It enables them to put a face to your business, see you in action and earn your trust, which results in more business and separates you from your competitors.

Having a professionally produced video commercial on your site is an excellent way of promoting your business, encouraging the viewer to use your products or services and sprucing up your website, as well as moving it higher up in search engine results to appear amongst the top listings of your industry (Google and other search engines actually rank websites with video higher than websites without, moving your site higher up in search results and bringing you more visitors - absolutely free!)

Video provides an opportunity to showcase what it is that makes your business unique and a stand-out among your competition.

Small Business Video specialise in producing high-impact, cost-effective video web commercials designed to increase the profile of your business, attract more visitors to your website, earn their trust and increase sales.

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